From sun to fuels - by artificial photosynthesis

… because there is a tiny little engine in the green of this grass and in the green of the trees that has the mysterious gift of being able to take energy from the rays of the Sun and store it up, - That’s how the heat, and power, and coal, and oil, and wood is stored up. We thought that if we could find the secret ...

From the movie series “You can’t take it with You” (Hollywood 1938)

The Swiss NanoTera Program is a research funding tool and was established in order to use nanotechnology for the solving of large reallife problems and challenges. “SHINE” is one of the many NanoTera projects and deals with the development of a solar hydrogen integrated nano electrolyzer.

Listen to SHINE PI Prof. Christophe Moser at the annualr Nano-Tera Meeting in Lausanne.

Privatdozent Dr. Martin Kerner gives an interview about the BIQ House. Kerner has developed window panels which host algae fluids for solar energy conversion. These window panels are implemente din the BIQ House in Hamburg. An amazing application.

Solar Impulse: the solar powered air plane around the globe. It has batteries for energy storage. Will there soon by a solar hydrogen powered Solar Impulse ?

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